About us
About us


Shanghai OUHOR is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of fluid equipment. Since its establishment, the company has actively developed new technologies and widely used in food, fine chemicals and daily chemicals. , Aerospace coatings, biomedicine, nanomaterials, new energy and other industries…
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Corporate Culture

  • Service policy
    Not only providing quality products
    Six-heart service: worry-free, rest assured, intimate, attentive, satisfactory, patient
  • Corporate philosophy
    Innovative & Progressive
  • Quality concept
    We care about details
    We pursue quality
    We strive for excellence
  • Company philosophy
    From Germany
    Elaborate to details

Believe in your choice,
believe in OUHOR!

I believe that every customer is most concerned about real efficiency. As a fluid equipment sales group, it is very important for us to establish a brand image. Therefore, after-sales service In our entire sales system, it has a decisive position. The company is willing to spend the most energy and manpower to do this well. We will use practical actions to let customers experience "for customers" is not just a verbal commitment. Whether you buy equipment directly or at a dealer we will be anxious for you, and solve your problem quickly through door-to-door or Internet logistics!
Three principles

Leak-free record of the problems reported by users

Problem-free handling of user feedback

Leak-proof review process

Two principles

Cordial service attitude

Comply with standardized service procedures and use standardized service forms